The Community Service Band

Member Bios

Craig Frost                       

Craig is from Phoenix and has played around the valley for
years with rock bands,
Counterfit, The Tools, Alien, Freeze Band, Wall
s of Thunder and Girl Next Door.
 Craig spent time touring the western states with Alien, also opening for acts
Wild Cherry and the Ramones. Craig has al
so performed as part of the back up band
 for the Platters. He has always been recording original music from "Radio Queen" with
, "Squeeze Play" with Freeze Band (included on KDKB Arizona Sounds Album)
 to a 4 song CD release with Spunky Eleanor. In 2007 Craig teamed up with Ann Kim and
 Bob Sersow from Girl Next Door to record original material for a CD. It was released in 2009.
 The bands name is Clouds of Fire and the album name is It's About Time.

Gary "Papa G" Young

Gary "Papa G" Young has been playing music for over 30 years with the saxophone
as his primary instrument. His playing evokes the styles of artists like Clarence Clemons
and David Sanborn. Gary has added other instruments to his arsenal,  including the
flute, harmonica, guitar and his singing has evolved into a soulful style reminiscent
of Bruce Springsteen meets Joe Cocker.

Gary is also currently a member of  Nurse Ratchet, a classic rock cover band. He is a
fearless performer who enjoys sitting in as a guest musician with numerous bands
including Stompbox, Michael Nitro Band, Timebomb and Christmas at The Blooze Band.
He has also added his saxophone wailings to several recording sessions for other

Gary showcases his multi-instrument and vocal talents in The Community Service Band
and enjoys the more intimate settings and connection with fans performing as part
of a duo.